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BalletCNJ Listed as "US Top Schools" in New Research Study

A new research study titled "Quantifying Hierarchy and Prestige in US Ballet Academies as Social Predictors of Career Success" has recently been conducted by Yessica Herrera-Guzmán (Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile), Alexander J. Gates (University of Virginia, USA), Cristian Candia (Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile & Northwestern University, USA), and Albert-László Barabási (Northeastern University, USA).

This research was the first to utilize the science of science methodologies on the performing arts. They collected data and theorized the correlation between the prestige of a school and the professional development and job placement of its students.

The universities reviewed Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) results from 6,363 ballet students from 1,603 schools in the United States between 2000 and 2021. The paper compared their findings to a selection of the top 60 ballet schools in the United States. This list was identified by leading ballet experts, Dance Magazine, and A Ballet Education blog.

BalletCNJ was named one of the Top 60 Schools in the USA! Out of all 60 schools, BalletCNJ is one

of two located in New Jersey.

The research used this data to compare and rank ballet academic systems to validate their network-based prestige. Then, they investigated its relationship with individual student's performance to predict the career success and job placement of its ballet dancers.

"We observe that, by comparing equally skilled dancers, i.e. students who have exactly the same competition outcomes, there is a significant increase of 65% in the odds of obtaining a job placement for those who attended a prestigious school. These findings indicate that even though dancers can obtain a similar number and type of competition medals, an indicator of similar ability and performance, their affiliations play a crucial role in their careers, which ultimately influences their professional positioning in a ballet company."

This is the first time researchers have been able to use scientific methodologies to prove that the prestigious level of a ballet school does have an effect on the professional development of your dancer. To read more on this intriguing study, click HERE


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