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Discover & Develop

Discover & Develop (Ages 18 months-6 years) focuses on the development of our youngest dancers and introduces them to the basic elements of dance and discovery of body movement.

BalletCNJ believes in a challenging progression of training that inspires students to reach their true potential and go far beyond. Discover & Develop, a 12 month program, places students according to their age in order to allow for proper physical development through these crucial young years. While in these levels, students work on building a strong foundation in proper ballet technique, body alignment, musicality, and coordination to make sure they are ready for BalletCNJ's Foundation & Technique.

Classes Offered

Move with Me

1.5-3 years old
45 minutes

*Parent / Family Member

Participation Required.


Classes are a fun and interactive way to introduce our youngest students to the concepts of movement, coordination, body parts, shapes, and balance. Teachers will create a fun environment while incorporating props to activate the dancer’s attention and creativity. 

Creative Movement

3-4 years old
45 minutes

Classes are a fun way to introduce our youngest students to the joys of music, and the basic elements of dance and creativity. Children will be introduced to basic ballet exercises and stretches that help them achieve motor skills, flexibility, strength, and coordination. As well as explore the concepts of movement, space, and time. Teachers will create a safe, friendly environment for youngsters to use excess energy and apply it in a positive and beneficial way.


5-6 years old
45 minutes

Classes will teach students a better understanding of the structure of a beginner ballet class. Using basic ballet exercises and stretches, students will gain strength and coordination while also becoming better acquainted with classical positions, port de bras, terminology, and etiquette. Teachers will create a fun environment and encourage growth and confidence in each student. Instructors are usually the same as Creative Movement, which makes this small transition more comfortable and welcoming. 

Intro to Tap 

5-9 years old
1 hour

Classes work on teaching proper tap technique taught by a teacher who has knowledge of professional tap dancing. Dancers will be introduced to basic tap exercises and terminology executed in various rhythms and time signatures. Learning steps to various rhythms will develop a student’s sense of musicality and aid them in counting music, a substantial tool in a dancer’s training. This class will further develop the child’s balance, coordination, control, and cognitive thinking skills. Teachers will create a fun, stress relieving environment that will further develop and foster each child’s confidence. Tap is a beneficial way to expose dancers to other styles and expressions of movement. Ballet, Tap, and Jazz work hand in hand to develop a dancer's confidence and performance quality.



BalletCNJ offers two performance opportunities per year

for ALL registered Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet students! 

- Discover & Develop / Foundation & Technique Showcase

- Spring Performance 

BalletCNJ performances are a part of the curriculum, as it provides a fun and educational experience for our youngest dancers to build confidence and showcase their hard work and talent



“Even in the youngest level, they are teaching the proper positions and terminology and is really a strong professional program from a very young age.”


-Melody Allardice (BalletCNJ Parent)

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