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How to Prepare for an Audition

Auditioning is an essential part of a dancer's life. Whether auditioning for a company, college dance program, performance, or professional training program, the preparations are all the same. Here are the best audition tips that will help you feel more prepared and confident in any audition.


  • Research the company, performance, choreographers, or professional program that you are auditioning for ahead of time. This may give you an insight on their expectations and specific styles they are looking for.

  • Prepare and update your headshot, resume, and dance reel (this is not always needed - but good to have prepared!)


Preparing for an audition should be an ongoing activity. Treat all of your technique classes as if they are an audition.

  • Focus and train hard in every class. Your technique will only improve if you are consistently training to be your best.

  • Train yourself to self-correct. Get into the habit of only hearing a correction once and applying it right away.

  • Practice your presentation during class. This will help you learn how to use your technique and presentation at the same time so that it comes naturally during an audition.

  • Keep your memory sharp! Try not to get in the habit of following your classmates for each combination. Learn what helps YOU learn a combination the most effectively and only rely on yourself when executing the combination.

  • Cross train to improve endurance, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, take classes in different styles of dance to expose your body to different things. Versatility is key in the dance world, and all of the different styles will work hand and hand to strengthen your technique as a dancer.

  • Be physically and nutritionally healthy. Get enough sleep leading up to the audition, eat well balanced and fueling meals, and drink plenty of water.


Know the expectations for the type of audition you will be participating in. The way you dance will be reflected in the way you present yourself.

  • For a ballet audition you will need a black leotard, pink tights (with no holes, runs, smudges), pink ballet shoes and/or pointe shoes, no skirt, and clean slicked back bun with no extreme hair accessories that may be too distracting.

  • Other dance styles are more relaxed and may allow for extra layers. When in doubt, always wear tight fitting clothes so your lines are visible and complimented.

  • No jewelry (this includes any watches or hair ties on the wrists).

  • No bright colored nail polish

  • Females should wear light makeup and males should be well groomed.


  • Arrive early and collected. Arrive at least 30-60 minutes before the audition begins. Give yourself a good warmup and stretch on your own, even if they are providing a warmup in the audition.

  • Keep your number pinned on your front in an easy-to-see location.

  • Don’t stand next to your friends in an audition. You will be tempted to talk and get distracted.

  • Don’t hide in the back. You want to stand out, not blend in.

  • Learn quickly and focus when material is being shown. Watch for details or notes that are specified.

  • NEVER "mark" the audition material.

  • Use your dance etiquette.

  • Use your performance quality and be expressive in the face. Do NOT make a bad expression if you mess up, just keep going.

  • Try to avoid asking questions by paying attention to the details when demonstrated. If you have to ask a question, make sure it is presented quickly and clearly. Never ask a question that has already been asked!

  • Be positive and confident, begin and finish all exercises well. Do not look at the floor when you dance. Don't compare yourself to other dancers, be in the moment. Believe in yourself!


At BalletCNJ

At BalletCNJ, we are preparing for our Conservatory Programs Audition for our Professional Mastery Program (ages 8+) and Elite Professional Mastery Daytime Program (ages 12+), which take place at the end of April. The Conservatory Programs are for the serious ballet students who wish to train for a future career as a professional dancer. Classes will help intermediate and advanced students with further preparation and development for auditions and performance opportunities.

For more information about our programs and audition, feel free to contact us!

Email: info@balletcnj.orrg

Phone: (609) 249-4066

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