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Elite Professional Mastery Program

BalletCNJ's Elite Professional Mastery Training Program (Ages 12+) is a Daytime Program and the school's highest tier of training for our most serious of ballet students, with an award-winning and national reputation for success.


Dancers who are admitted into this daytime program have indicated they are committed to the pursuit of a professional career in classical ballet. Students will train during the day, in addition to the Professional Mastery Program classes held in the evenings.


Our virtuosos from this program have won prestigious scholarships and recognition at world-renowned international ballet competitions like  Prix de Lausanne and Youth America Grand Prix.

Program Overview


Required classes include:

Ballet Technique, Pre-Pointe / Pointe, Men's Class, Character,

Pas de Deux, Conditioning, along with Variations and Repertoire.

Curriculum includes Elite Professional Mastery Daytime classes and Professional Mastery Evening classes​


*Averaging to 30 hours of training weekly.


In order to be considered for the BalletCNJ Elite Professional Mastery Program, students must schedule an audition, class, or receive an invitation from a BalletCNJ Director. 

Program accepts students 12 - 19 years of age. 



BalletCNJ Elite Professional Mastery students receive their academic education through home-schooling or certified online correspondence programs. BalletCNJ has a partnership with Laurel Springs School, an accredited online private school. While this is not a mandatory program, it is highly recommended.



BalletCNJ has allowed designated suitable amounts of time between classes to allow students to reach their academic requirements. ​


Students receive individualized attention and coaching during the day, while working on refining technique, strength, artistry, and repertoire. BalletCNJ Directors and Instructors will work with each dancer to design an individual curriculum to help them achieve their goals.  The focus of this program is to give young and talented dancers the chance to make their training a top priority and to be fully prepared for upcoming performances, competitions, and audition opportunities.


Performance Opportunities

In addition to the participation in BalletCNJ's Annual Winter and Spring Performances, Elite Professional Mastery Program Students are also able to participate in:

International Ballet Competitions and Master Classes such as

  • Youth America Grand Prix

  • Miami International Ballet Competition

  • Dance Prix de New York


Students may also be presented with opportunities to participate in Outreach Seminars and Performances.

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“Because of our long rehearsals, classes, and the teachers pushing me so much during my time here, it really prepared me for the real world and made the transition from pre-professional to professional dancer effortless.”

-Michelle D’Angelis (BalletCNJ Alumni)

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