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Boys Scholarship Program

BalletCNJ was founded by male professional dancers who know how important it is for boys and young men to be encouraged to pursue a dance education. We are very excited to offer boys and young men (ages 7-19) scholarships for year round training classes and programs. 

Scholarships are offered to all boys wishing to take classes in year-round programs. This is for boys who are willing to commit seriously into our programs for at least a full year and meet class requirements. All eligible boys have the opportunity to receive up to a 50% Scholarship to BalletCNJ Year Round Programs. 

- Foundation & Technique (Ages 7-9 years)

- Refinement & Artistry (Ages 10+)

- Preparatory Division (8-11)

- Pre-Professional Division (12+)

- Advanced Professional Division (Ages 14+)

- Elite Professional Mastery Program (Ages 12+).

BalletCNJ looks forward to producing and inspiring well trained and exceptionally talented male dancers. It is our hope that our school, classes and atmosphere will be an important stepping stone for future generations of successful male artists from the Central New Jersey and surrounding areas!​

BalletCNJ offers Men's Class, Boy's Class, and Pas de Deux.


Please email BalletCNJ to see if your child qualifies for our Boys Scholarship Program! 


Eligible Programs



“When I danced at other schools, the hardest part was there were no boys in any of my classes. Now coming to BalletCNJ there is even a class just for boys which has really helped me improve and work harder.”

-Liam Allardice (8)

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