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Mission, Vision, and Values

What We Stand For

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Ballet Central New Jersey (BalletCNJ) strives to offer your dancer an immersive opportunity to learn from former professional ballet dancers that emphasize pure classical technique. This experience is enhanced by invaluable opportunities to perform in professional quality productions each year to showcase their skills as well as compete in prestigious international competitions.  


Our goal is to provide the highest quality ballet training to every student because we believe they all deserve the best instruction possible, regardless of their interest in professional dance or socio-economic background. Through the artistry of dance, BalletCNJ instills confidence, passion and dedication in each of its students for lasting value throughout their lives.


Our long term vision is to offer dance education for all and to build a community that holds an appreciation and respect for the performing arts. Through offering many performance opportunities, we hope to motivate, inspire, teach, and build confidence for our students. We want to place Central New Jersey on the map nationally and globally by showcasing the talents of this area. 

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Integrity: We are committed to fostering an environment where all students, faculty, and staff protect our students by consistently doing what is right. Our moral principles demand that we have safe, effective, and inclusive boundaries both in and outside of the studio.

Dedication: We at BalletCNJ value dedication to the education, safety, and growth of all students. We make it our utmost priority to dedicate time and energy into our students in the same way we value the dedication of our students to their dance careers and endeavors.

Excellence: We expect the excellence of our staff to adhere to the mission and values of BalletCNJ and expect the excellence of our students to do so as well. We foster an environment for dancers to reach their full potential of excellence in their dance journey.


Inclusiveness: We foster an environment where all students are respected, valued, and treated with the equality that all deserve. We do not tolerate an environment that provides any less.


Communication: We at BalletCNJ value a communicative environment where students and parents can express their needs at all times. We strive to foster an environment where need, concerns, and expressions are met with an open mind in order to continue to encourage growth and respect.

Philosophy of Training

BalletCNJ believes in a challenging progression of training that inspires students to reach their true potential and go far beyond. Discover & Develop and Foundation & Technique students (ages 3-9) are placed according to their age in order to allow for proper physical development through these crucial young years. It introduces them to fundamentals, musicality, coordination and discipline. Refinement and Artistry students (ages 10 +) are placed according to their skill level and knowledge of dance. After transitioning into Refinement and Artistry, BalletCNJ exposes students to a wide range of classes which compliment and develop their ballet technique and artistry. 


Our Conservatory Programs offer students the chance to get the attention they need to improve and achieve their goals. These classes have limited spots available to keep class sizes small and to provide an even greater consideration to the individual needs of each student. These programs are designed and recommended for serious students who want to expose themselves to the world of dance and who seek a career as a professional dancer.

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