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2024 Competition Season Results

Congratulations to all of the BalletCNJ students and coaches who competed in the 2024 competition season!

We are proud of each of our participating students. Their wonderful performances show how much hard work, dedication, and passion pays off!


Abigail Doan (14), Grace Mary Gorman (14), Phoebe Jezek (14), Alicianna Rodriguez (13), Isabella Rodriguez (11), Alicia Samaca (14), Yiva Yuan (13), Sophia Valez (11), Benjamin Willis (17), Rebecca Zou (18).


Season Results:

Miami International Ballet Competition (Miami, FL)

3rd Place Division 2

Alicianna Rodriguez (13)

Youth America Grand Prix Semi-Finals (Pittsburgh, Nashville, & New York)

"Top 12" Pre-Competitive Contemporary

Sophia Valez (11) (New York)

3rd Place Junior Contemporary

Alicianna Rodriguez (13) (New York)

"Top 12" Junior Classical

Alicianna Rodriguez (13) (New York)

"Top 24" Junior Classical

Grace Mary Gorman (14) (Nashville) Phoebe Jezek (14) (New York)

Yiva Yuan (13) (Nashville)

"Top 24" Senior Contemporary

Rebecca Zou (18) (New York)

"Top 24" Senior Classical

Rebecca Zou (18) (Pittsburgh)  

"Top 24" Junior Classical (Pittsburgh)

Alicianna Rodriguez (13)

Scholarships Awarded

This year, we are so proud of our students, as they have received a total of 17 Scholarships based off of their performances at Miami International Ballet Competition and YAGP Semi-Finals.

ABT JKO School:

Alicianna Rodriguez (13)

The Florida Ballet:

Alicianna Rodriguez (13)

Ballet Met:

Alicianna Rodriguez (13), Benjamin Willis (17)

The Rock School for Dance Education:

Alicianna Rodriguez (13)

Sarasota Ballet:

Benjamin Willis (17)

Arts Ballet Theater of Florida:

Benjamin Willis (17)

Orlando Ballet

Benjamin Willis (17)

Nervi Dance Festival, Italy

Alicianna Rodriguez (14)

Jacqueline's School of Ballet:

Benjamin Willis (17)

The Harid Conservatory

Phoebe Jezek (14)

Ballet School of Belgium

Grace Mary Gorman (14), Phoebe Jezek (14)

Ballet West Academy Grace Mary Gorman (14),

Yiva Yuan (13)

Oklahoma City Ballet School

Yiva Yuan (13)

European School of Ballet (ESB)

Alicianna Rodriguez (14)

Thank you to these schools and organizations for recognizing their amazing talents!

Youth America Grand Prix Finals (New York)

In addition to the numerous awards BalletCNJ dancers were granted at YAGP Semi-Finals, we are so excited for our soloist, Alicianna Rodriguez, who has been invited to YAGP Finals. We cannot wait to see our dancer take the stage again!

Congratulations to all of the dancers! GO BALLETCNJ!

To our parents and families, thank you for all of your support and love.

Congratulations to our dancers, directors, and faculty on their achievements and success. We have seen so much improvement in each and every one of you and are so proud of your hard work and dedication!

To stay updated on everything we are doing at BalletCNJ and our YAGP Finals journey, follow us on social media @balletcnj

Photos by @thelkstudio and @patriciasphotography

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