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WHAT are PEOPLE Saying

about BalletCNJ? 

"As a whole, BalletCNJ's Annual Spring Performance served to show that Central New Jersey has more to offer in terms of the arts than meets the eye. The versatility of the program perfectly reflected the versatility of the dancers as well as the capabilities of founding directors Alexander Dutko and Thiago Castro Silva to harness and further such talent."

Alexandra Dalii - 2016

(Performance Review)

"The teachers at BalletCNJ put all of their time and energy into developing dancers. They have done a great job with my son and all of the dancers in his classes. The performances are professional and beautifully done!"

Angela C. - Hamilton Twp, NJ


"This school is amazing! I started ballet as an adult to keep in shape, and this is the only school where the instructors are as attentive to their Open/Adult students as their Pre/Professional students. They really take into consideration what each student wants to get out of dancing ballet, and structure the classes to be fun, positive and challenging at the same time!"

Ina K. - Hamilton Twp, NJ

(Adult Student)

"The program was so fulfilling! I was able to build my technique and artistry as well as make new friends in the process"

Iris F. - Age 15

(Summer Intensive Student)

"I cannot recommend BalletCNJ enough! My daughter is thrilled to be here and loves every moment. Alexander and Thiago work them hard, but make it fun and exciting. BalletCNJ's performances are breathtaking! This gem of a school will make your child - or yourself - a better dancer than you ever thought possible!"

Monica K. - Princeton, NJ


"We have sent our daughter here this entire year and she has fallen 150% in love with Ballet! The instructors are fantastic, the owners are amazing, the dancers are talented, the families are welcoming and friendly. Dahlia is just 3.5 years old and she LOVES watching the older girls and boys dance. Her skills have grown, and she's fallen completely in love with performing on stage."

Jessica R. -  NJ


"I didn't know I could improve so much over just one summer intensive! The end of program performance was equivalent to what most schools accomplish in an entire year."

Rebecca H. - Age 13

(Summer Intensive Student)

"The most professional and personal ballet training! If you love ballet you need to dance here. Alexander & Thiago are the most serious teachers giving their students exceptionally technique & making the next generation of beautiful ballerinas"

Beth C. - Freehold, NJ


"By far, the best place to take your daughter or son to dance. I wanted a school with teachers who were professionals, really challenge my daughter to be her best and still would be patient with my daughter. The instructors are wonderful with their students, the performances are spectacular and I have watched my daughter grow with confidence that she has never had previously."

Jennifer M. - NJ


"The faculty was fully committed to each individual dancer, it was amazing to see how everyone developed!

Michelle D. - Age 17

(Summer Intensive Student)
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