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What People Say

What impresses me most about BalletCNJ is the teachers' dedication and commitment. I love their Winter and Spring performances. Students are offered multiple roles in the performance, giving them a richer experience. Over the past two and half years, my daughter has improved tremendously in her ballet technique thanks to the professional level of training from her teachers.

Xiaolu Ye

(BalletCNJ Parent)

High rigor of training and caring, professional teachers. Dancers thrive in an environment designed to take them to their best. Reputation and experience to compete amount the best dancers in the world and win.

Kimberly Szabo

(BalletCNJ Parent)

By far, the best place to take your daughter or son to dance. I wanted a school with teachers who were professionals, really challenge my daughter to be her best and still would be patient with my daughter. The instructors are wonderful with their students, the performances are spectacular and I have watched my daughter grow with confidence that she has never had previously. Highly recommended.

Jennifer M.

(BalletCNJ Parent)

We are very excited that our 2 daughters are attending Ballet Central New Jersey, everyone is very kind, charismatic, responsible and friendly, the teachers are very professional and the atmosphere is very welcoming

Vaitiare Flores

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Ballet CNJ is an exceptional academy for dancers looking to grow and improve their technique. My daughter has shown great improvement in only 6 months time. She is thriving within a warm and nurturing environment. We feel at home participating with a company that promotes healthy relationships between children and students. All the instructors provide constructive corrections and far exceed my expectations. Their intimate class sizes also allow for more individualized attention and correction. As a mom of an aspiring ballerina I could not be happier to have chosen to move my daughter to this studio. It truly warms my heart to be a part of this family.

Maite Roman

(BalletCNJ Parent)

They helped me find my artistic voice and discover who I am as a dancer, that I should take any opportunity that arises, and that everything in life happens for a reason.

Mikaela Miranda (BalletCNJ Alumni)

Balletcnj has not only expanded my daughters love of Ballet, it has expanded her confidence and given her a great sense of community. They have great opportunities and really encourage the students to learn what is necessary to get to the next stage! WE were so lucky to have found this studio.

Rasheda Garcia

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Ballet Central New Jersey offers the best ballet instruction in Central NJ! Being a former dancer, I was very particular in my expectations in a dance school for my daughters. We tried several other schools in the area before finding Ballet Central, including one school that is well-known but nothing more than riding on an old reputation; none come close to the instruction at Ballet Central! The teachers are professional, available to both the students and parents, and teach proper ballet technique and progression of movement. Plus, they are fun! A definite gem in the area! Highly, highly recommended!

Teresa Hartmann

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Ballet CNJ offers the best ballet training in the area with personalized attention and beautiful studios. All of their students are wonderful dancers who far exceed expectations.

Carrie Lansberry

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Students are taught not only to grow as a dancer, but also learn to be hard working, disciplined, & dedicated. Performance outfits are made by studio owners & are always beautiful and modest. Classes for young dancers focus on building a solid foundation in ballet while still having fun.

Christie Sinicki

(BalletCNJ Parent)

My 13 year old daughter has started taking classes at BalletCNJ this fall and we have seen so much improvement in her dancing. Starting with the audition the amount of personal attention, feedback and communication we have received is above and beyond what we have received at other ballet programs. She has had classes with several different teachers and has loved the way each class is different and each teacher has helped her grow in different ways. She looks forward to going to class each week, feels stronger and feels they are good at both complimenting her strengths and helping her identify and improve areas that she needs to work on. Our only problem is we currently live too far away to be a part of the full program, but it is worth the drive a few days a week and would have her in full time if distance wasn’t an issue!

Karen and Jay Zayac

(BalletCNJ Parents)

Highly recommendation this school for anyone interested in learning ballet. Not only is the instruction on par with the best studios in NYC, the community of parents and students is very supportive. A great place for children to develop their love of dance in a healthy and challenging environment. This is where professional dancers are made!

Andrea O'Brian

(BalletCNJ Parent)

My son studied with BalletCNJ during the summer of 2020 and returned to BalletCNJ this past summer. His summer was so successful that he decided it was time to join their program full time. In the few short months that he has been at BalletCNJ his strength, technique, and partnering skills have vastly improved. My son's biggest goal when he started at BalletCNJ was to gain more confidence in his dancing. BalletCNJ's daily detailed technique classes combined with weekly variation and performance rehearsals have greatly improved his dancing and given him a lot more confidence on stage. BalletCNJ has not only worked on my son's technique, but has encouraged him to be his best. The mentoring he has received has been instrumental in giving him the confidence on stage that he was looking for. He has also been given wonderful partnering classes and opportunities to dance multiple pas de deuxs this year. BalletCNJ has been very welcoming and the experience for my son has been incredibly rewarding and full of growth. 

Cristen Pantano 

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Even in the youngest level, they are teaching the proper positions and terminology and is really a strong professional program from a very young age.

Melody Allardice (BalletCNJ Parent)

Ballet CNJ is a safe and loving environment where my daughter is pushed to work hard and hold herself to a high standard. She receives individual attention with honest and constructive feedback. Her time there is helping her grow as both a person and a dancer.

Johanna Jezek 

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Our daughter has truly found a second home at BalletCNJ. She is challenged to be the best dancer she can be. The staff are very friendly but also holds the dancers to accountability.

Erin Doan

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Everyone has different skills and trajectory, but still works to do their very best and everyone supports one another. The teachers are such great role models and constantly ignite their students’ passion. They put our children before all else.

Rebecca Piccone (BalletCNJ Parent)

I have three children enrolled in the programs at BalletCNJ. All of them are receiving fantastic dance instruction from experienced, knowledgeable and caring staff. There is with an emphasis on the technique needed to keep progressing but the love for the art is not forgotten. This however, is not the most impressive part of BalletCNJ. What my girls are learning is much more important. They have learned that practice and perseverance pays off and are now eager to give 100% to their craft. They have learned that failure is a beginning not an ending. Also working as team allows them to learn from the instructors as well as their peers. Despite the fact they dance 5 days a week they would choose to do nothing else. BalletCNJ has become an extension of their family.  I feel that my children are in the right place. They are getting the best possible dance experience in a nurturing environment where respect for dance and the dancer are valued. When I have had a concern it was addressed quickly and completely. Our whole family loves BalletCNJ. 

Ellen Spicer

(BalletCNJ Parent)

Some experiences at BalletCNJ that I am very thankful for are performing principal roles in their performances. Other ballet studios do not give their students the opportunities that I have here, and I do not take them for granted

Tim O’Brian

(BalletCNJ Student)

Because of BalletCNJ, I am now dancing for American Contemporary Ballet in Los Angeles where I get to do a lot of soloist roles and partnering work. I don’t think any of this would have been possible if it weren’t for them. Our long rehearsals, classes, and the teachers pushing me so much during my time here, have really prepared me for the real world and made the transition from pre-professional to professional dancer effortless.

Michelle D’Angelis (BalletCNJ Alumni)

“When I first came to BalletCNJ, I was very introverted, quiet, and shy. Through persistent rehearsals, they were able to pull out that inner spark and I was able to really develop my artistry within my years dancing here. I became a completely different dancer and person than when I started here. I grew confidence which allowed me to pave my own way within the world and pursue my own ambitions and dreams.” 

Iris Foster

(BalletCNJ Alumni)

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