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How to do Stage Makeup for Young Dancers

Some parents might feel tentative as to why their young dancers need to be wearing makeup for a stage performance. 

BalletCNJ requires stage makeup even for our youngest dancers because it helps enhance the dancer’s features under bright lights. Stage lights are so bright that they can wash out and flatten the face, making it difficult to see the dancer from far away.

Luckily, we compiled a few very simple steps to apply stage makeup for our young dancers. All you really need is blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.

Feel free to follow along by watching our step by step YouTube Makeup Tutorial.

Step 1 - Blush

To start off, you’re going to take your blush and a fluffy brush and put it on the apples of your dancers’ cheeks. Ask them to smile for an easy way to see where to apply the blush! You should apply the blush in circular motions and blend upward toward the top of their cheekbone. Make sure you really get a lot of pink on those cheeks, as it brings a lot of color to the face which is very important on stage!

Step 2 - Eyeshadow

Next is eyeshadow. Try to stick to nudes like brown, beige, and pinks. To start, grab a brush and apply a light brown or pink all over the bottom of the eyelid, underneath the crease. This will create a base that will help with the next step. Using a thin brush, use a darker brown and apply it in a line along the crease of the eyelid. Bring the shadow down in a 7 shape to meet the end of the eye. Using a fluffier brush, blend it out slightly. Next, take any sort of light color like white and put it right underneath your dancers eyebrows, and on the inner corner of their eyes. This will make their eyes look brighter on stage and highlight these features!

Step 3 - Eyeliner

For eyeliner, have your dancer lightly close their eye and simply try to stick as close as you can to the lash line and extend the line up. A pencil is usually recommended as it is more comfortable for younger dancers. For under eye eyeliner, use a similar technique, but this time have your dancer open their mouth and look up to the ceiling. This should lengthen the under eye area making it easier to apply. 

Step 4 - Mascara

Next is mascara. When applying, place the applicator near the bottom of your dancer’s top eyelashes and make upward motions while also telling your dancer to blink. This makes the process easier and makes sure that none of the mascara will get in their eye. 

For the bottom lashes, tell your dancer to look up, and once again open their mouth. This time, make downward motions, once again starting at the root of the eyelashes. 

If you get any mascara on other parts of their face, you can simply take a q-tip and clean it up!

Step 5 - Lipstick

Lastly is lipstick. A bright red or pink is usually the best color! Simply apply the lipstick to their lips like normal. Afterwards, have the dancer press their lips together to evenly distribute the product.

Now your dancer is ready for their next stage performance!

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