2022 Competition Season Results

Updated: Jul 31

Congratulations to the BalletCNJ students and coaches who competed in the 2022 competition season.

Sophia Ni (10)

Alicianna Rodriguez (10)

Yiyi Shan (10)

Allana Micahlchuk (11)

Yiva Yuan (11)

Megan Zangrando (12)

Josephine Ryan (13)

Cecilia Zintl (13)

Madisyn Luz (14)

Sophie Takano (14)

Micah Levine (15)

Katherine Young (15)

Rebecca Zou (16)

Livia Childers (16)

Timothy O'Brian (16)

Carli Mingo (16)

Kaylie Schneider (17)

Isabella Becchi (18)

We are proud of each and everyone of them as they took the stage with confidence! Bravo on their performances. It is a true testament that handwork, dedication, and passion pay off!

Season Results:

Miami International Ballet Competition (Miami, FL)

"Top 10" Division 1

Alicianna Rodriguez (10)

Silver Medal Division 3

Livia Childers (16)

Scholarship to Harid Conservatory (Boca Raton, FL)

Cecilia Zintl (13)

Scholarship to Soki Ballet (Japan)

Josephine Ryan (13)