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Top 5 Reasons to Keep Dancing in the Summer

With our school year coming to an end and summer just around the corner, you are probably beginning to decide how to spend your summer. Although the summer can be a great time to rest, it is also the perfect time for students to maintain and improve their technical abilities at dance intensives.

At BalletCNJ, we believe that it is crucial for students to continue their training during their long breaks. This is why our Discover & Develop and Foundation & Technique classes (ages 3-10) run all year round, and we offer Winter and Summer Intensive Programs for our Refinement and Artistry Students (ages 10+). Learn more.

Dance intensives can take your skills to the next level and provide you with unforgettable experiences. Let's dive into the top benefits of participating in summer dance intensives!

1. Maintaining and Improving Technique

A long break away from dance can lead to your body loosing all of your improved technique you worked so hard to gain the entire school year. It is very hard to “jump back in” to any activity, and dance is no exception! Summer dance intensives offer a concentrated period of training, allowing dancers to focus solely on improving their technique, artistry, and performance skills. This dedicated time for practice and refinement can lead to significant progress and growth as a dancer. Whether you aim to work on your pirouettes, master complex choreography, or refine your lines, a summer intensive provides the ideal environment for skill enhancement.

2. Personal Growth in Trying New Things

At summer intensives, dancers will get the opportunity to explore new styles, techniques, classes, and instructors. Our schedule is full of unique classes, such as ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, conditioning, pilates, and character. This gives dancers the opportunity to explore and grow their skillset.

3. Artistic Inspiration

Dancing during breaks can ignite your creativity and passion for dance. The unique choreographic styles and diverse teaching methods can inspire you to explore new movements and push the boundaries of your artistic expression. Additionally, dancers often experience increased self-confidence, resilience, and discipline as they navigate the challenges of intense training schedules and performance opportunities. The supportive and immersive environment of a summer dance program can foster new friendships that extends beyond the studio.

4. Physical Conditioning and Staying Active

Dancing requires strength, flexibility, and endurance. Summer dance intensives typically include daily classes, rehearsals, and conditioning sessions that help dancers improve their physical fitness and stamina. Engaging in consistent training during the summer can enhance muscle tone, increase cardiovascular fitness, and prevent skill regression. By staying active and honing your physical abilities, you set yourself up for success in the upcoming dance season.

5. Career Advancement

For aspiring professional dancers, summer intensives can be a stepping stone to a successful career in dance. Many prestigious dance companies and schools scout talent at summer programs, providing dancers with valuable networking opportunities and exposure to industry professionals. By showcasing your skills, receiving feedback, and expanding your dance repertoire, you can enhance your chances of pursuing a career in the competitive world of dance.

Summer dance intensives offer numerous benefits that go beyond technical training. From skill enhancement and artistic inspiration to physical conditioning and personal growth, participating in a summer dance program can have a transformative impact on a dancer's journey. So, why not make the most of your summer break and elevate your dance experience through a summer intensive?

For more information on how to take advantage of your summer and how to register for BalletCNJ's Intensive Programs, click here.

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