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BalletCNJ Student, Alicianna Rodriquez, honored with HOPE AWARD at YAGP 2022!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Congratulations to BalletCNJ's student, Alicianna Rodriquez (10), for winning the Hope Award at Youth America Grand Prix's (YAGP) Semifinal Competition in NYC on February 16th, 2022.

The Hope Award is given for the best overall performance in the Pre-Competitive Age division (ages 9 to 11). These awards are given to the dancers who, by the consensus of the YAGP jury panel, have exceeded all other dancers in their age division in both the Classical Ballet and Contemporary/Open Dance categories.

Alicianna began dancing at BalletCNJ two years ago. Her journey with our studio began with

BalletCNJ's partner nonprofit program with New Jersey Foundation of Artistry and Ballet (NJFAB). NJFAB is a non-profit organization which provides NJ's aspiring young artists and communities with outreach programs, educational opportunities, and live performances that are geared towards inspiring and promoting the art form of classical ballet and dance.

NJFAB's program CORE de Ballet began it's partnership with Sprout U School of the Arts

(Trenton, NJ) in 2020. Through this program, Alicianna began her daytime training visiting BalletCNJ's studio twice a week.

Once we noticed Alicanna's talent and dedication to Ballet, NJFAB granted her a scholarship to train at BalletCNJ as a full time student. She now is involved in the many opportunities that BalletCNJ has to offer. Including their technique classes, spring and winter performances, where she was featured as this year's Clara, competitions, and being in the Daytime Professional Training Program.

We are so proud of all of Alicianna's accomplishments and are so honored and grateful to YAGP for the recognition!

Photography by Anna Ksenzenko

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