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4 Tennis Court, Hamilton Twp., NJ 08619

(609) 249-4066  ●  Contact us now!



Classes Offered

Creative Movement (45 min.)

(ages 3-4)

Pre-Ballet (45 min.)

(ages 5-6)

Ballet I (1 hr.)

(ages 7-9)

Stretch I (30 min.)

(ages 7-9)

Preparatory Division Ballet  (1 hr.)

(ages 7-9)



Tuition is based on the number of hours of training per week. Yearly tuition is divided evenly throughout the months from September to May to cover the entire school year. As a student moves up in level, BalletCNJ offers price breaks that make hourly tuition cheaper with more hours of training a student receives.


Monthly Payments

45 min - $52.50

1 hr - $70.00

1.5 hr - $105.00

Preparatory Division


Young Dancer Division students are accepted into this program by invitation or audition only. In order to be accepted into this program, students must show maturity and great aptitude for ballet. Spots are limited and classes are kept small to allow for individualized attention. For more information, inquiries and to contact us, click below.

Young Dancer Division Class Schedule

(Ages 3 - 9)

Young Dancer Division Class Attire

(Ages 3 - 9)

Creative Movement / Pre-Ballet

Girls: Pink tights and ballet shoes that match. Leotards must be pink. Hair must be worn in a neat bun.

Boys: Black shoes and black tights with a fitted white t-shirt.

Ballet I / Stretch I

Girls: Pink tights and ballet shoes that match. Leotard must be black of simple design. Hair must be worn in a neat bun.

Pink elastic waist belt is required for every class. 

Boys: Black shoes and black tights with a fitted white t-shirt.

Young Dancer Division - Performances

(Ages 3 - 9)

BalletCNJ offers 2 annual performances for students to participate, a winter and spring performance. BalletCNJ believes it is very important for our young dancers to be exposed to a performance and theater setting early on in their training. Young Dancer Division students Pre-Ballet and up are required to participate in both performances. Creative Movement students will participate in the BalletCNJ Spring Performance. Rehearsals will take place during class, however, there will be additional rehearsal time outside of scheduled classes as the performance draws near.

Performance Cost - $100 

(No audition is required to participate in the show)


A dancer agreement must be filled and signed in order for the student to participate in rehearsals and the performance. The dancer agreement contains guidelines and rules for participating in the performance. You can download the dancer agreement below. Visit the Performance Page for performance information.