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This program is for the serious ballet students who wish to train for a future career as a professional dancer. Dancers in this program must take the required amount of Ballet, Pointe, Conditioning, Character and Elective classes offered at their level during the weekly schedule. Also, classes will help intermediate and advanced students with further preparation and development for auditions and performance opportunities. Students are accepted into this program through Directors' invitation or through audition only.

Preparatory Division (Ages 8-11) BalletCNJ starts considering students for the Professional Program at an early age. This division focuses on preparing young talents for the demands of higher level training. Students work on perfecting and expanding their technique, discipline and commitment to the art form.

Pre-Professional Division (Ages 12+) This is for the serious intermediate ballet student who wishes to train for future admission into the Professional Division. Students will be taught to hold a strong work ethic and satisfactory ballet/pointe technique.

Professional Division (Ages 14+) Advanced students are  promoted to this program through the Pre-Professional Division or through audition.  Classes will also advise and help students prepare for auditions, professional jobs, and performance opportunities at the soloist/principal level.

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Classes Offered

Ballet Technique (2hr)

Pointe (1hr)

Character (1hr)

Men's Class (1hr)

Pas de Deux (1hr)

Conditioning (1 hr.)

Contemporary (1.5hr)

Variations and Repertoire

Acceptance/Class Requirements

In order to be considered for any of the BalletCNJ Professional Programs, students must schedule an audition class or receive an invitation from a BalletCNJ Director. 

When accepted into the program, each student much meet the curriculum requirements..


BalletCNJ Offers Boys Scholarships!

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BalletCNJ Professional Division students are required to participate in 2 annual performances, a winter and spring performance. Professional Program Students (Ages 10+) are required to audition.  

  • Winter Performances

  • Spring Performances

BalletCNJ performances are part of the training curriculum. Through participation students build confidence, artistry, and a vast knowledge of classical ballet and neo-classical repertoire.  

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