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What Are The Benefits of Ballet for Kids?

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If your children are interested in taking dance lessons, you may consider enrolling them in a course in classical ballet. Ballet is a form of dance that relies heavily on physical strength and agility, strong concentration skills, an understanding of music and rhythm and a love of movement. Instruction in ballet can provide numerous benefits for children of all ages, regardless of their skill level.

Physical Benefits Like any dance form, ballet is physically intensive. Ballet requires the use of muscles in the arms, legs and torso, and the various movements are designed to increase physical strength, flexibility and range of motion. According to Family Talk Magazine, ballet can also help young dancers to improve their coordination and balance while correcting poor posture. Ballet also involves a number of exercises that are designed to increase heart rate, which can improve endurance, stamina and overall cardiovascular health. According to Pro Dance Center, ballet can also help to reduce stress, increase relaxation, improve bodily awareness, encourage proper eating and nutrition and potentially result in weight loss.

Emotional Benefits In addition to its physical benefits, ballet can also help to improve children's mental and emotional health. According to the Child Development Institute, training in classical ballet helps to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment which can help to improve self-esteem. As children begin to improve, they may gain a new sense of self-confidence which can be helpful in other areas of their lives. According to the Centre de Danse, classical ballet training can also help children to develop grace, poise and self-assurance at an early age.

Social Benefits Ballet is by nature a social activity and it can help young children to develop their social skills. According to Family Talk Magazine, ballet and other dance forms can help to foster teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation. Ballet can also help children to forge new friendships, overcome shyness or awkwardness in social situations and reduce the fears associated with performing in front of an audience.

Educational Benefits Ballet can also provide children with educational benefits. According to the Miami Royal Ballet, instruction in classical ballet provides students with an all-around education in art, music and performance. Ballet can also serve as the foundation for learning other forms of dance, such as jazz, hip-hop or tap. Family Talk Magazine also suggests that children who participate in dance and other activities related to the arts tend to perform at a higher level in school compared to their peers who do not.

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