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BalletCNJ Competition Results 2021!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

BalletCNJ dancers dedicated countless hours to prepare for International Ballet Competitions in 2021. Despite these challenging times, our dancers perservered and inspired all of those who watched their beautiful performances. The students competed virtually in the prestigious Miami International Ballet Competition and the Youth America Grand Prix Semi-Finals in Boston, MA. They shared the stage with talented dancers from around the country and world and danced for a panel of renown judges from top ballet companies and schools.

All BalletCNJ dancers had amazing performances and showed that BalletCNJ is a true training ground for artistry and passion!

Congratulations to all of our dancers who were selected to compete and thank you to all of the parents and families for your support and trust in us!

Josephine Ryan (12)

Micah Levine (14)

Luca Brown (14)

Livia Childers (15)

Rebecca Zou (15)

Carli Mingo (15)

Timothy O'Brian (15)

Kaylie Schneider (16)

Isabella Becchi (17)

Mikaela Miranda (17)

Audrey Gellman (18)




Miami International Ballet Competition (MIBC)

GOLD MEDAL Pas de Deux Division

Livia Childer (15) and Micah Levine (14)

Scholarship Winners

Scholarship to Arts Ballet Theater of Florida (Miami, FL)

Micah Levine (14) and Livia Childers(15)

Scholarship to Ballet West (Salt Lake City, UT)

Micah Levine (14)

Scholarship to Academia Internazionale Coreutica (Florence, Italy)

Luca Brown (14) and Micah Levine (14)


Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) Boston Semi-Finals

Junior Division

"1st Place" Junior Classical - Micah Levine (14)

"2nd Place" Junior Classical - Luca Brown (14)

"Top 24" Junior Classical - Josephine Ryan (12)

"1st Place" Junior Contemporary - Micah Levine (14)

"3rd Place" Junior Contemporary - Luca Brown (14)

Senior Division

"Top 6" Senior Men's Classical - Timothy O'Brian (15)

"Top 12" Senior Women's Classical - Livia Childers (15)

"Top 24" Senior Women's Classical - Mikaela Miranda (17)

"Top 12" Senior Women's Contemporary - Livia Childers (15)

Ensemble / Pas de Deux Division

"1st Place" - Livia Childers (15) and Micah Levine (14)

(For both their Classical and Contemporary Pas de Deuxs)

Special Awards

"Outstanding Teachers" Award - Alexander Dutko and Thiago Silva

Scholarship to Boston Ballet Summer Intensive (Boston, MA) - Luca Brown (14)

Scholarship to Harid Conservatory Summer Intensive (Boca Raton, FL) - Micah Levine (14)


Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) Tampa Finals

2021 Finalists - Luca Brown (14), Micah Levine (14), and Livia Childers (15)

Junior Division

Final Round - Micah Levine (14)

Contemporary Pas de Deux Division

Bronze Medal (3rd Place)

"The Rose Has Thorns" - Micah Levine (14) and Livia Childers (15)


San Francisco Ballet School - Micah Levine

Colorado Ballet - Micah Levine

Houston Ballet Academy - Micah Levine

Kansas City Ballet School - Luca Brown and Micah Levine

Elmhurst Ballet School (UK) - Micah Levine

Congratulations again to all of our BalletCNJ dancers!


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