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Performance Agreement

10th Annual Winter Performance


Dancer Division

(Ballet 2 and up)

This year’s BalletCNJ Winter Performances will include Ashton’s Les Patineurs, Snow Scene and Land of Sweets of The Nutcracker. This page includes important information, participation agreement, and audition registration form at the bottom. In order to participate in this year's performance, dancers are required to agree to the performance terms, register for the audition, and pay the Performance Fee. All dancers and parents are required to read and sign the dancer agreement.

Weekly rehearsals for the Winter Performance will be held on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons after registered classes. Participants may be called for additional rehearsal times and BalletCNJ will provide an updated rehearsal schedule which will be posted at the school and sent via email.

Please note: Performance participants are required to be present in the audition AND warm-up class to be considered for casting.



Due to rising costs of theater rentals, BalletCNJ will be hosting this year's Winter Performance 2023 at BalletCNJ's Theater Studio. We are very excited to be putting on our 10th Annual Winter Performance right here at our home and we look forward to all of you joining us in celebration!

  • Dancers are expected to uphold excellent attendance to their rehearsals and registered classes. Any absences must be reported via email to Info@BalletCNJ with ample notice.

  • Performance Week, all Put Together rehearsals, and Dress Rehearsals are MANDATORY.

  • Dancers must be available for the Young Dancer Winter Showcase and all scheduled Performances.


  • Rehearsals: Begin Thursday, September 28th.

  • Young Dancer Showcase:

    • Performance Week: November 27th - December 2nd

    • Showcase: Saturday, December 2nd - Time TBA

  • Winter Performance 2023:​

    • Performance Week: December 4th - December 10th​

    • Performance dates: Saturday, December 9th & Sunday, December 10th - Times TBA

    • Possible Overflow performance: Saturday, December 2nd - Time TBA

Performance Fee:

  • $250.00

  • Includes Audition, Costume, and Rehearsal/Performance Participation.

  • No Performance Tickets are included. Tickets will go on sale a few weeks prior to performances.

  • All payments are final and non-refundable.

Please, agree to and sign the Performance Dancer Agreement and fill out the Audition Registration Form to pay the Performance Fee. Only one submission per dancer. 

BalletCNJ Performance Dancer Agreement


The dancer registering for the audition would like to participate in BalletCNJ’s 2023 Winter Performances. In order to participate, the dancer agrees to the below stated rules and guidelines for this performance:

1. Dancers MUST ATTEND all scheduled rehearsals for their part.

2. Dancers missing more than (1) rehearsal may be replaced per the director’s discretion.

3. Attendance of Dress Rehearsal and all Put Together Rehearsals is MANDATORY.

4. Attendance during Performance Week is MANDATORY.

5. All students participating in rehearsals MUST ATTEND their registered classes.

6. Dancers agree to be courteous and respectful to other cast members, teachers and parent volunteers.

7. Dancers should arrive on time to all classes and rehearsals and be dressed in proper dance attire.

8. Dancers must be enrolled at BalletCNJ to participate.

9. Dancers must attend technique class prior to rehearsal to be properly warmed up.

10. All Casting is final.

11. Participant agrees to pay a $250 Performance Fee. Includes: audition, costume, and rehearsal/performance participation.


Audition Registration Form

Thanks for registering!

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