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For more information on how you can become a Parent Volunteer and other ways you can help at BalletCNJ, please contact our Parent Coordinator using the form below.

We look forward to working together with you!

Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you soon.


Parent Association



BalletCNJ Parent Association aims to provide a forum for parents to get involved and feel more connected as a community. BalletCNJ always strives to provide the best quality of training and opportunities for each and every student. With that, it takes a village to make everything possible. As a parent of a child at BalletCNJ, you are already a member of the Parent Association! Whether it be through volunteering or donating to help reach financial goals, BalletCNJ is grateful and extremely touched by the generosity of parents and family.


Welcome! My name is Teresa Hartmann, and I am the Parent Coordinator for BalletCNJ. My daughter has studied here for over 5 years and the studio has become our second home. The Parent Association is dedicated to support BalletCNJ activities through volunteer opportunities, fundraising, providing hospitality for social events and continuing to build our strong community.  All parents are welcome to join the Parent Association and there are always plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  If you want to get more involved and connect with other parents at the studio, the Association is a great place to start!  I hope you consider joining!

It is not the mission of the Parents Association to address questions or concerns about curriculum, placement, or policies of BalletCNJ. All such questions and discussions should be directed to Thiago Silva, School Director and Alexander Dutko, Artistic Director.

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