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Open/Adult Classes are geared toward individuals looking to stay active, while working on technique and artistry. The classes range from beginner to advanced and will accommodate students looking to do pointe work and men's exercises. BalletCNJ Open/Adult classes are offered in Ballet Technique, Pointe, Dance Conditioning and Toning, and Contemporary Fusion for ALL ages and levels in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Our classes are a great way to stay in shape, get back into shape, build confidence, or to start up a new hobby. 

BalletCNJ Open/Adult Summer Classes offer students the option to continue dancing over the summer. Held in the evenings, theses classes will be a great compliment to your summer activities and your beach time! 


Open/Adult Classes

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BalletCNJ Open/Adult Classes are offered Weekday Evenings in:

Ballet Technique, Pointe, Dance Conditioning and Toning, and Contemporary Fusion. ALL AGES! ALL LEVELS

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Tuition Options

Single Classes


1 Class - $17

30 min. Class - $8


College Student (with valid Student ID)

1 Class - $15

30 min. Class - $6

Class Cards


10 Class Card - $150

20 Class Card - $260



College Student (with valid Student ID)

10 Class Card - $125

20 Class Card - $210

Class cards offer price breaks and may be used for any class titled open or adult regardless of class length. All 30 minute classes count as half class. Once a class card is purchased, it expires 6 months from the date of purchase. Class Cards are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All participants must register online! Scroll to the bottom of the page to get started with a $9.99 Trial Class!

Class Attire

BalletCNJ does not enforce a dress code for Open/Adult classes. Most of the students do wear the traditional leotard and tights with warm-ups (ballet skirts, leg warmers, etc.). As long as you wear something that is form fitting and allows for free range of motion you will do great!


We do, however, highly recommend for you to have the proper shoes. Flat ballet slippers made of canvas will do fine and are more comfortable if you are just starting out.


We do offer an Open/Adult Pointe class as well. Proper fitting pointe shoes are essential if taking class en pointe. If you are a beginner or have never done it before, talk to the teacher to assess your readiness and how to go about getting pointe shoes.

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Class Descriptions

Ballet Technique (1.5 hr.)

Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced Classes Available.

Offered for All Ages and Levels, Ballet Technique Classes offer a great and fun way get into shape through musicality and discipline all provided in the graceful and elegant art of classical ballet. These classes are arranged in a way that is beneficial for all participants, even with little or no experience. (30 min.) Beginner Pointe Classes are offered for participants with prior experience or who wish to start.

Dance Conditioning and Toning (1 hr.)

Let’s get back into shape and sculpt our bodies into long and lean dancing machines! BalletCNJ’s Dance Conditioning classes are an amazing way to work on toning and strengthening all areas, all while gaining full body coordination and control. By Incorporating Pilates, Yoga, and Body-Weight Resistance Training, participants will begin to develop that coveted dancer’s body and break a sweat to today’s popular and highly motivating music. This class is perfect for everyone.

Contemporary Fusion (2 hr.)

BalletCNJ’s Contemporary Fusion Class allows participants to explore and dabble in other genres of dance. This class incorporates Modern, Jazz, and Lyrical styles as well as Conditioning to create a well rounded curriculum for individuals who are interested in expanding their movement vocabulary and versatility, as well as gaining flexibility and strength. It’s time for us to dance outside of the box, gain confidence, and to let our artistic side shine through!

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Open/Adult Classes - Summer 

BalletCNJ is excited to be able to offer our Open/Adult Class Schedule Year-Round. 

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