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Boys Scholarship Program
BalletCNJ is excited to offer boys (Ages 3-19) scholarships for year round training and classes. BalletCNJ was founded by two male professional dancers who know how important it is for boys and young men to be encouraged and given scholarships in order to pursue a dance education. In addition to Young Dancer and Dancer Division classes, BalletCNJ also offers Pas de Deux and Men's Class.

Scholarships are offered to all boys wishing to take class. Percentages of scholarships are based on how many classes the male student commits to at his level. 

Example A:  A male student who registers for ALL* classes offered at his level will receive a Full Scholarship. 
Example B: A male student who takes HALF* the classes offered at his level will receive a  50% Scholarship. 

BalletCNJ looks forward to producing and inspiring well trained and exceptionally talented male dancers. It is our hope that our school, classes and atmosphere will be an important stepping stone for future generations of successful male artists from the Central New Jersey and surrounding areas!

For more information, please contact BalletCNJ by clicking here.